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School scholarships

We are very proud to be able to award scholarships in Terry’s name.

The Terry Floyd Foundation School Scholarship is for rural primary schools where children may be socially and economically disadvantaged due to geographical isolation. The Scholarship aims to empower children to live in a safer environment and help them get the education they deserve to achieve their full potential.

Schools are encouraged to determine the recipients of the Scholarship according to the needs of their school and their children.

Schools may choose anti bullying programs that ensure the safety of all children in the school.

Recipients may be chosen from students showing leadership in standing up against bullying, or who are supportive with others that are disadvantaged, or actively seek to better support the school environment through leadership activities or student voice.

Schools may also award the Scholarship to children who are either socially or economically disadvantaged to provide the support they may need to make the most of their education and to help them reach their full potential.

The aim of the Terry Floyd Foundation School Scholarships is to help children live brighter futures.